"My paintings revolves around reaching the subconscious thoughts and experiences that lie within us"

Over the years and through several sold-out solo exhibitions, Karoline has captivated audiences with her urban environments, inviting a dialogue between the observer and the painting. Her inspiration stems from inner thoughts and the subconscious, with light, depth, and contrasts serving as crucial elements in Karoline’s works, which carry a touch of melancholy.


“I seek development in my paintings, and they gradually change over time as the conveyed narrative progresses. The direction the paintings take is challenging for me to predict as the process is so intuitive. Why this often materializes in the form of cityscapes, I do not know. It is the human element that truly captivates me.”

Emotions and experiences that shape us but are suppressed or forgotten. These are the feelings that are difficult to put into words. Painting is a powerful tool to access other parts of the brain than the pragmatic one. Emotions are not always easy to articulate. By using colors and light, I create an alternative world. By approaching ideas and thoughts from a different angle, I aim to delve deeper into the understanding of the unconscious and internal aspects that each of us carries. By describing emotions in ways other than words, I hope to achieve some of this.

Selected exhibitions


2016 Mana Contemporary, ESKFF, NJ, USA

Solo Exhibitions:

2023, nov Gallerii, Tønsberg

2021, feb Galleri Hervold

2020, jun Soli Brug

2019, jun Nicolines hus

2018, okt Galleri Ramfjord

2018, feb Bærum Kunstforening 

2017, jun Galleri Nicolines hus

2017, feb Galleri Osebro

2016, oct Galleri Røed Jeløy

2016, aug Galleri Ramfjord

2016, april Galleri Soon

2015, sept Galleri Ramfjord

2015, jun Galleri Nicolines hus

2015, jan Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen

2014, may Galleri Ramfjord

2013, oct Galleri Ramfjord


2019, mars Affordable Art Fair, New York

2018, okt Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm

2018, juni Score Basel

2016, jun Affordable Art Fair Stockroom
2015, sept Art Copenhagen Art fair

2014, sept Art Copenhagen Art fair

2013, dec Miami Scope Art Fair

Selected Group exhibitions

2017, Soli Brug

2016, oct Townley Gallery, LA

2015, aug Galleri Nicolines hus,

2015, jan Mana Contemporary, USA

2014, dec Galleri Ramfjord

2014, sept Kunst rett vest

2014, apr Oslo Open


Member of NBK, BOA